Anti-theft system

A tag which is permanently installed within seconds on your computer equipment: desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.
If a thief manages to remove the anti-theft tag, an indelible "Stolen Equipment" mark appears, rendering the goods unsuitable for resale.
When your assets are equipped with our anti-theft marking system, the risk of theft is reduced 80%. But if your goods are nevertheless stolen, they are easier to identify and recover, and more importantly, they are unsuitable for resale. Otherwise, we will reimburse you at replacement value.

Anti-theft tag

The anti-theft tag is an identification sticker affixed to your equipment. This anti-theft device efficiently prevents theft and can be fully customized: company logo, text, size, etc. It also includes a unique id code.

Permanent mark

An indelible "Stolen Equipment" mark appears on your property if someone attempts to remove the anti-theft tag. This chemical process makes your assets immediately identifiable, and thus unsuitable for resale.

Computer equipment

By computer equipment, we mean any high-tech assets to which our anti-theft tag can be attached to ensure protection: desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, readers (such as Kindles), netbooks, etc.


The StopTrack anti-theft system can be fully customized: text, size, flat metal or domed, and includes a unique identification code which can be chosen by the customer to be consistent with their own IT equipment management system.
The anti-theft sticker can also include your company's logo (black or 4-color), and/or a bar code, resulting in faster identification of your equipment and increasing the chances of recovery in the event of theft.

Theft prevention/Protection

Thanks to the tag and permanent mark, the StopTrack anti-theft device discourages thieves and prevents up to 80% of thefts.

Pulling force

The maximum pulling force that our anti-theft tags can resist against removal attempts. Once affixed to your computer equipment, our asset tags are virtually impossible to remove as they can withstand a pulling force of up to 400 kg.

Anti-theft insurance

With our optional insurance policy, any equipment protected by a StopTrack tag can be insured against theft for two years from the date it is registered in our database.
In partnership with the largest insurance companies, replacement value is guaranteed in the event of second-degree or aggravated theft, with no deductible or penalty for wear and tear.
*depending on certain conditions

Stolen equipment/found equipment

Any computer equipment marked with the StopTrack anti-theft tag is registered for life in the StopTrack database. Thanks to the identification number on the asset tag, if your equipment is lost or stolen, anyone who finds it can contact Oxygen on the internet or by calling a toll-free number to return the equipment.


Thanks to its indelible mark, the StopTrack anti-theft system makes your equipment unsuitable for resale in the event someone manages to remove the anti-theft tag. Since your assets are registered for life in our database, no one can dispute the fact that the equipment belongs to you. Moreover, thanks to StopTrack's international presence (Europe, Australia, West Africa, North and South America, more than 30 countries in all), as soon as you have reported the theft to the authorities, your property can be identified and located across the globe.

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