StopTrack anti-theft tags

Worldwide, a computer
is stolen every 30 seconds

What is StopTrack?

StopTrack is a system to protect your computer equipment against theft. It is a metal tag that takes just a few seconds to install on desktop or laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.
With this sticker visible on your equipment, the risk of theft is reduced 80%. However, if a theft does occur, the StopTrack asset tag makes it easier to identify and thus recover your property.

A tamper-proof, forgery-proof permanent mark

Once the StopTrack tag has been affixed to your equipment, it is virtually impossible to remove as it is able to withstand pulling forces of 400 kg. And if someone manages to remove the Stoptrack tag, a tamper-proof indelible mark appears.
This mark includes all the information necessary to track your equipment and clearly indicates that the equipment has been stolen, making it unsellable.

A personalized anti-theft device for your computer equipment

The StopTrack tag comes with a unique identification number and can be personalized with your company's logo, text, color, size, shape, etc. The asset tag can also include a bar code and a flash code to help identify your equipment even faster.

Free handling of recovered equipment

Any recovered stolen equipment is returned free of charge within 48 hours of being found, anywhere in the world, thanks to our international partnership with FedEx.
Each year, thousands of stolen goods are recovered and returned to their rightful owners at no charge.

Your equipment registered for life

The description of your computer, tablet or smartphone is registered for life in StopTrack's central database.
Only the police, law & order forces, and customs officers have free access to this database. This facilitates the stolen equipment investigation, recovery, and identification process.

A unique, patented anti-theft system that works worldwide

StopTrack is a one-of-a-kind anti-theft system, with patents filed worldwide by Oxygen.
At present, StopTrack is the only patented anti-theft marking system of its kind, renowned for its efficiency. Any similar anti-theft device can only be a counterfeit. Thus, it is prohibited to manufacture, sell, use, import or possess this patented product.*

* Oxygen reserves the right to prosecute any counterfeiters. Infringement on Oxygen's intellectual property is punishable by law, both civil (damages and interest) and penal (fines, confiscation, prison). L-613-3 of the French intellectual property code.

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